Adoption Fees

Current Fees for BROOD Adoptables

BROOD has a record of providing exceptional veterinary care for our basset hounds. Every incoming dog is checked by a veterinarian prior to adoption, and treated for any problems. All dogs are spayed or neutered, brought up-to-date on shots, and placed on heartworm preventative.

BROOD provides top quality care because your basset's health is most important to us, just as it is to you. The cost of veterinary care is constantly rising and our total adoption fees cover approximately one-quarter of veterinary care for all of our bassets. We depend totally upon fees and donations received from generous basset lovers.

Our current fee schedule is as follows:


  • Purebred Classic - $400 (as determined by the President)
  • Young (up to 2 years) - $400
  • Adult (2 to 7 years) - $300
  • Senior (8 years and older) - $200


  • Mix (up to 7 years) - $250
  • Senior Mix (8 years and older) - $150

Bonded Pairs:

  • Full fee for the dog with the higher fee plus 50% of the lower of the two adoption fees

No adoption fees will be refunded after 14 calendar days. Please check the Adoption Pages for actual fees for an individual dog.

Thank you for choosing BROOD and rescue.