BROOD AmBassador Membership

Calling all hounds and wannabe hounds, too! Now you can join BROOD just like your human! Become a BROOD AmBassador for 2017 and help us find homes for hounds just like you.

For only $20 a year, you can become a BROOD AmBassador member. For supporting BROOD, your human will receive a basset car magnet. You will receive a special BROOD AmBassador membership card showing your support of BROOD and our rescue work.

The AmBassador membership is a non-voting membership in BROOD. Your name will be listed on the BROOD website and you can proudly tell the other dogs at the dog park that you are a BROOD member and support basset hound rescue!

Get your human to sign you up now!

Patrick, Official BROOD AmBassador

2017 BROOD AmBassadors

  • Macy Atkins
  • Ruby Atkins
  • Byron Baker
  • Howard Baumann Conrad
  • Chandler Sheldon Biddle
  • Truman Bilson
  • Belle Boehm
  • Duddley Wallace Burkey
  • Murphy Gerald Burkey
  • Butch Clark
  • Rupert Cornelius Drayton
  • Brookie Erlichman
  • Jack Erlichman
  • Lucy Erlichman
  • Radar Erlichman
  • Opey Fink
  • Whitman Ford
  • Coco Jakubowski
  • Hershey Jakubowski
  • Watson Lambert
  • Khloe Maurer
  • Annie Mack
  • Kouper Opsitnik
  • Mr. Speckles Peak
  • Romeo Pigman
  • Gilligan Reid
  • Bella Smith
  • Benny Smith
  • Patrick Smith
  • Patti Smith
  • Eloise Williams
  • Gus Williams
  • Jake Williams
  • Molly Williams
  • Otis Williams
  • Petey Williams