BROOD Ambassador Membership

Calling all hounds and wannabe hounds, too! You can join BROOD just like your human! Become a BROOD Ambassador for 2020 and help us find homes for hounds just like you.

For only $20 a year, you can become a BROOD Ambassador member. For supporting BROOD, your human will receive two Basset In Case of Emergency stickers. You will receive a special BROOD Ambassador membership card showing your support of BROOD and our rescue work.

The Ambassador membership is a non-voting membership in BROOD. Your name will be listed on the BROOD website and you can proudly tell the other dogs at the dog park that you are a BROOD member and support basset hound rescue!

The 2020 BROOD Ambassadors will be listed on the website starting late in January.

Get your human to sign you up now!

Patrick, Official BROOD Ambassador

2019 BROOD Ambassadors

  • Byron Baker
  • Retta Baker
  • Simon Baker
  • Howard Baumann Conrad
  • Chandler Biddle
  • Truman Bilson
  • Belle Boehme
  • Duddley Wallace Burkey
  • Murphy Gerald Burkey
  • Franky Carp
  • Isaac Crosby
  • Ozzie Crosby
  • Rupert Cornelius Drayton
  • Duke Duke
  • Opey Fink
  • Lacey Gardner
  • Max Gardner
  • Black Harm
  • Ginger Hennessey-Antoniazzi
  • Coco Jakubowski
  • Hershey Jakubowski
  • Annabelle Jones
  • David Jones
  • Watson Lambert
  • Super Kouper Opsitnik
  • Mr. Speckles Peak
  • Annabelle Smith
  • Bella Smith
  • Benny Smith
  • Buster Smith
  • Patti Smith
  • Lucy Southerland
  • Mabel Steiner
  • Maggie Stern
  • Zoey Stern
  • Bacall Tyranski
  • Oliver Tyranski
  • Tobias Werwa
  • Gus Williams
  • Jake Williams
  • Mary Agnes Williams
  • Max Williams
  • Molly Williams
  • Otis Williams
  • Petey Williams (in memoriam)
  • Buck Henry Showalter Wills
  • Buddy York
  • Cooper York
  • Penny York