Sell on eBay

Here is a great way to raise money for BROOD and clean out some of the unused items in your home and closets. Become a seller on eBay and donate a portion or ALL of your profits to BROOD.

BROOD is already a certified non-profit with eBay for Charity. It is easy to register as an eBay seller and then list your item as being affiliated with BROOD and designate a percentage of profits to support BROOD. (If you are already an eBay buyer, becoming a seller takes only a few minutes.) Go to eBay's webpage for sellers for more details.

How BROOD receives donations from eBay sales. Here's how it works:

Seller lists item. List any item for BROOD and donate between 10-100% of the proceeds. Highlight your listing with the eBay for Charity ribbon.

Listings that benefit a charity like BROOD sell faster and for a higher final selling price All donations are tax deductible.

Donation sent to charity. Once the item sells PayPal Giving Fund, eBay's nonprofit partner, collects your donated proceeds and eBay then credits your selling fees proportional to the amount donated.

PayPal Giving Fund processes the donation and distributes it to BROOD.

Interested? Check out eBay's information about selling items for more details.

After reading through the selling information provided by eBay, if you still have questions about listing BROOD as your charity please our fundraising coordinator.