BROOD Ramble Sponsorships

Thank you SO MUCH to our exceptional 2017 Ramble Sponsors, listed below:

Grand Slam ($1500 and up)

  • Pat and Dean Burkey
  • Jill and Charlie Cosgrove
  • Diane Fink and Richard Greene
  • Janie and David Heppel
  • Karen and Graham
  • Heather Pigman
  • Mr. Speckles
  • Chris and Bruce Williams

No Hitter ($1000 and up)

Home Run ($500 and up)

  • An Anonymous BROOD Supporter
  • Barb Baumann, Mike Conrad and Howard (Dopey Dog Artworks)
  • Susan Davenport
  • Alison Field
  • Preston and Mary Fox
  • Hagerty Insurance
  • Jim Helmick and Dave Pasqualini
  • Ginger Hennessey-Antoniazzi
  • Gus Lodato and Lisa Wallace
  • Tom and Debbie Roberts
  • Saranade Bassets (Melinda and Richard Brown)
  • Jeff and Kathy Wright

Bull Pen ($250 and up)

  • Terri Baker, Doug Weitzel and Lord Byron
  • Commonwealth Veterinary Clinic
  • Pat Dabbs
  • Stephen Haire
  • Honoria and Winchester
  • Alena and Tom Jakubowski
  • Phyllis Krasnokutsky
  • Norine Noonan
  • Riley the long-haired basset with Marty Post and Alan Goldstein
  • Anne and Scott Rohrer
  • The Slobber Shoppe (ABC Basset Rescue)
  • (Joan Quigley - Cruise Planners)

Slugger ($100 and up)

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