Faces of BROOD - Success Stories

Some of the Successful BROOD Adoptions over the Years

Have you adopted a BROOD dog? And are you a paid-up Member of BROOD? If so, here's how YOU can have your BROOD dog featured on our website:

Submit your dog's photo. Success story photos will be featured here and at the top of each page on the website for one year.

Dogs' photos will be entered into the rotation for being displayed on the BROOD website -- a photo is selected at random for display on each page; odds of your photo appearing depend on the total number of success photos.

Please see our Faces of BROOD page for complete details and an entry form.

Only one photo of your BROOD success dog will be featured at a time.

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Ellie adopted in 2012 by Tracy Yee

Sophie adopted in 2015 by Tracy Yee

Maggie adopted in 2012 by Doris A. Welch

Whitman adopted in 2018 by Collin & Elizabeth Ford

Susie Q adopted in 2015 by Karen Bass

Clyde adopted in 2004 by Karen Bass

Elka adopted in 2018 by Sue Knapp

Beauregard and Molly adopted in 2009 by Chris & Marty McGuirk

Opey adopted in 2016 by Robert & Lauren Fink

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